Living Our Values

Ashley Butler

Sunday Coordinator at First Baptist Church Indian Rocks

"I work in my hometown at my church on Sunday's coordinating in the preschool. Coordinating means that I place over 40 volunteers in our preschool and oversee the nursery all day Sunday. With over 100 kids in our preschool each Sunday, its been a joy getting to know each of their personalities and families and greet them when they come to stay and play with us. I love my job because it prepares me for a career in education, while still staying connected with my church family."

Alexandra Gómez

Child Advocate Supervisor

"After working with the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office for the summer, I was inspired to get involved with the Child Advocacy Center in Gainesville and take an active role in advocating in special victim cases. At the Child Advocacy Center, I supervise and engage children who have been victims of abuse, neglect, and/or trafficking. I am excited to continue working with this group of dedicated individuals in their mission to ensure that no child continues to live in fear of abuse. Getting to take part in creating a safe space for children to experience a normal happy childhood has been an absolute honor.

Pi Chi

Student Supervisor at The Reitz Union Arts & Crafts Center

I love working there because the studio has such a great atmosphere and revolves around a passion of mine-art! As Student Supervisor it's my job to assist in planning weekly GatorNights events, facilitating the hiring and training of new studio assistants and generating monthly sales, inventory and visitor reports to track business success! It's a great place to relax and have a fun time, so definitely stop by and paint a craft in your free time!

Nicole Wasserman

Alachua County School System Volunteer

Every week I go to a local school in Alachua County and volunteer my time working with elementary school students. I absolutely love doing this as I get the amazing opportunity to see my students grow and learn in such a short period of time. As an education major, I am a strong advocate for a welcoming and nurturing education environment. Being able to give back to my local community and impact the future generation of Gainesville is something that I am really proud to do. Additionally, this opportunity allows me to grow as an individual and future educator while also making a difference in the lives of students within the public school system.

Aimee Freeman

Teacher Intern at Glen Springs Elementary School

I am a teacher intern in a first-grade classroom at Glen Springs Elementary School in Gainesville, Florida. I teach approximately 18 hours per week while majoring in Elementary Education and minoring in Studio Art. After I graduate this spring with my Bachelor’s degree in Education I plan to return to UF for my Master’s while completing a full-time internship as a student teacher next year. Working with students has always been my passion, and with this opportunity I have learned so much about what it takes to become a teacher. I hope to make a difference in the education system by inspiring my students to be creative, daring, confident and kind.

Patti Blake

President of the March of Dimes Collegiate Council at UF

As the President of the March of Dimes Collegiate Council here at UF, I am the liaison between our UF chapter and the larger March of Dimes organization. It has been an honor to give back to the local Gainesville community through the efforts of my organization. In this role, I have a positive impact on the health and wellness of all moms and babies. It is important to me to continue to make a bigger impact in our community and those surrounding it, so that all future families can have a stronger chance of success.

Caroline Bradley

Project Makeover Captain

Project Makeover is a student run organization that makes over a local elementary school in one weekend. I serve as a captain on the dream team, which is a group that completes a specialized project for the school. Through my experience in this organization I have learned how important a positive and encouraging learning environment is for children. Being able to simply paint a mural to change kids' lives is a great feeling.

Hannah Beatty

2018 Preview Staffer

I joined Sigma Kappa the same semester I became a Preview Staffer, and I know I could not have welcomed over 7,000 students and their 10,000 family members without my sisters’ support. As a Preview Staffer, I connected students to on-campus resources and communities in addition to facilitating their academic transition. With Personal Growth as my guiding value, I was able to match students with opportunities to grow as individuals and Gators on campus.