Sigma Kappa

Living Our Values

Living Our Values

Nicole Wasserman

Alachua County School System Volunteer

Every week I go to a local school in Alachua County and volunteer my time working with elementary school students. I absolutely love doing this as I get the amazing opportunity to see my students grow and learn in such a short period of time. As an education major, I am a strong advocate for a welcoming and nurturing education environment. Being able to give back to my local community and impact the future generation of Gainesville is something that I am really proud to do. Additionally, this opportunity allows me to grow as an individual and future educator while also making a difference in the lives of students within the public school system.

Patti Blake

President of the March of Dimes Collegiate Council at UF

As the President of the March of Dimes Collegiate Council here at UF, I am the liaison between our UF chapter and the larger March of Dimes organization. It has been an honor to give back to the local Gainesville community through the efforts of my organization. In this role, I have a positive impact on the health and wellness of all moms and babies. It is important to me to continue to make a bigger impact in our community and those surrounding it, so that all future families can have a stronger chance of success.

Caroline Bradley

Project Makeover Captain

Project Makeover is a student run organization that makes over a local elementary school in one weekend. I serve as a captain on the dream team, which is a group that completes a specialized project for the school. Through my experience in this organization I have learned how important a positive and encouraging learning environment is for children. Being able to simply paint a mural to change kids' lives is a great feeling.

Hope Lerman

Racial Justice Fellow

As a Racial Justice Fellow with UF Hillel, I work to educate the Jewish Community on ways we can become more diverse and inclusive. We are working on creating coalition programs with major organizations on campus that a part of minority and diverse communities. In this cohort I have learned about the effects of the human experience on a college campus. I feel as though this has allowed me to grow as a person by opening my eyes to the world.

Audra Bowers

First Responder Gator

This semester, I signed up for First Responder Gator. This course teaches students prehospital emergency care and provides the opportunity to receive a BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR certification. Additionally, this course prepares students who may be interested in becoming an EMT or paramedic. I am looking forward to applying the skills learned this semester in the future as a healthcare professional. I am excited to gain experience and try something new!

Grace Crowder

Community Outreach Overall Director for DM

My main goal within this position is to spread awareness of the Dance Marathon mission and campaign to all pertinent areas of the Gainesville community, especially by planning and executing all community awareness and fundraising activities prior to the Dance Marathon at University of Florida main event. This can be done by volunteering throughout the community by giving back to the those who give us so much. Specific partnerships include, Keep Alachua County Beautiful, Alachua County Humane Society, Girl’s Place, Pace Center for Girls, St Francis House, Child Advocacy Center, Peaceful Paths, and more!

Maggie Murphy

"Out of Stater Gator"

As an out of state student all the way from Pennsylvania I came to the University of Florida knowing only my roommate, whom I met on Facebook. Thus as an out of state student I am constantly striving to accomplish growth in myself through the means of building my independence and maturity. With that being said, becoming a part of Sigma Kappa has brought me a sense of friendship that I never knew I could achieve or deserved. The girls that I have found at Sigma Kappa encourage me to be a better person every day. I have discovered a sense of community and support that I wouldn’t trade for the world. In a world where everything is crazy and unpredictable, Sigma Kappa’s friendship has been a rock in my life. Girls I can cry with, laugh with, talk to, watching movies with, go to lunch with, do photoshoots with, and so much more. I have never been surrounded by such a large group of girls that I feel comfortable being one hundred percent my authentic and best self more than I do with the girls at Sigma Kappa. Sigma Kappa has brought me the strongest form of friendship that I could have ever imagined, and for that I am dearly grateful.

Rachel Litwack

Family Relations Captain for Dance Marathon at UF

In this position, I am paired with a Miracle Child and Family and have the opportunity to create a relationship with them and share their story with the rest of the Dance Marathon community. As a member of the DM community I fundraise throughout the school year to benefit the children at UF Health Shands Children's Hospital. I love serving our community through this organization while making a difference in this lives of the patient's at UF's hospital, the hospital I hope to work at in the future. Dance Marathon gives me the chance to help individuals who need it most before I can officially be a nurse and do the same thing then!