Sigma Kappa

A Message from our President

A Message from our President

Dear Potential New Members

     My name is Emily Little, and it is truly the honor of a lifetime to serve as the President of Sigma Kappa at the University of Florida. When I first stepped foot on campus, I was overwhelmed at the magnitude of UF. I wasn’t sure where to begin in a place with so many people and so many opportunities. It wasn’t until I joined Sigma Kappa that the University of Florida truly felt like home to me, and I’ll never be able to fully express how grateful I am for that. 

     Coming to the University of Florida, I had dreams of the things I would accomplish and the person I would grow to be. As I spoke with women at Sigma Kappa during Recruitment, I knew I was meeting women who were shining examples of who and what I aspired to be. As I heard stories about the sisterhood they experienced and the memories they shared, I thought about how I wanted to be in those stories in the future. The women I spoke with at Sigma Kappa made me feel heard, seen and understood. I felt comfortable sharing who I was with them and loved getting the opportunity to learn more about them at the same time. Three years later, I can’t believe I have the amazing opportunity to lead those same women whom I look up to.

     During my time in Sigma Kappa, my sisters have pushed me to be the best version of myself. My sisters embody all that I strive to be and I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such strong, empowering women. Sigma Kappa has given me a support system like no other, opportunities to grow on campus and as a person, and the most amazing college experience I ever could have asked for. My sisters live with heart, and I feel inspired by them every day to do the same.

     As you go through Recruitment, please know that there is a place for you within the Panhellenic community where you will be loved, valued, and encouraged. My time in Sigma Kappa has given me the chance to experience that every single day; my hope is that you will experience those things at Sigma Kappa too.


-Emily little, Sigma Kappa President